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Author: Chris Turnbull

Investors today commonly choose broad market index funds also known as Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) versus individual stocks. Doing so helps ETF investors avoid three risks associated with stocks such as stock risk, sector risk and selection risk.   Here’s why a handful of stocks will be riskier than a broad market ETF consisting of several hundred or even thousands of underlying stocks. First, bad things happen to good companies all the time something investors discover after the stock drops precipitously. Holding hundreds or thousands of stocks through an ETF vastly reduces the risk associated with individual companies.   As well, each year the market return often comes...

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Recently a client who resides in BC encountered a serious health issue. They and their spouse began to doubt the adequacy of their Will and estate planning. The Will named an adult daughter as executor and the client’s older brother as a contingent executor. Now they questioned their child’s acumen for settling an estate and how she might spend the inheritance. As well, the contingent executor is a similar age as the couple and has significant health concerns of his own.   I asked my clients if they had considered a corporate trustee? They had and were interested in learning more. This...

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