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Who's to Blame and
How to Fix It

This is intended to help frustrated investors identify problems with traditional approaches to investing and to offer a modern, simpler solution.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction x

  • Chapter 1: Why Investors Do What They Do 1
  • A Self-Serving Industry1
  • Whose Interests?1
  • Predictions5
  • Products9
  • Screwing Up a Sure Thing (a Cautionary Tale)12

  • Chapter 2: Poor Investment Practices17
  • Investor Experience17
  • My Experience18
  • Sound-Bite Security Selection19
  • Making Predictions with Your Portfolio21
  • Encouraging Conflicts of Interest24
  • Taking Unnecessary Risks25
  • Not Knowing Your Consolidated Rate of Return27
  • Not Using Benchmarks27
  • Not Knowing What You Pay in Fees29
  • Not Knowing All the Fees You Pay29
  • Losing Returns to Costs and Inefficiencies30
  • Leaking Tax from Your Portfolio31
  • Not Having an Investment Plan31
  • Sabotaging Your Portfolio33
  • Portfolio Audit Case Studies: Fixing Broken Portfolios35

  • Chapter 3: Deprogram and Rethink51
  • Are You an Active or Passive Investor?51
  • Market Efficiency and the Implications for Investors and Trustees57
  • A Diversified Portfolio vs. a Collection of Investments62
  • The Benefits of a Safer Approach66
  • You’re Asking the Wrong Question!69
  • Are Markets Broken?71

  • Chapter 4: Simplify75
  • A Straightforward Strategy for Success75
  • Why You Are Investing: The Discovery76
  • What You Will Invest In: The Asset Mix Decision76
  • Investing in Stock Markets: Growth81
  • The Game Plan: An Investment Policy Statement82
  • A Modern Approach: Implementing the Asset Mix84
  • Rebalancing85
  • Investing for Income86
  • Command and Control: Better Reporting88

  • Conclusion: If It’s Not Working for You, Do Something New89


Who’s to Blame and How to Fix It

By: Chris Turnbull

Category: Business, Investing
Paperback: $15.00
Size: 8 ¾” x 5 ¾”
Pages: 90
ISBN: 978-0-9919881-0-5

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